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University of South Australia

Founded in 1991, the University of South Australia is committed to educating professionals, creating and applying knowledge, engaging communities, maintaining cultural diversity among its staff and students, and providing equitable access to education.


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The idea of Australia as a laidback nation of beach dwellers and BBQ aficionados no longer stacks up. Asbestos Bill/Flickr

Grappling with the time bomb of Australia’s work, rest and play

In a country where our households are giving more time to paid work, the issue of how we spend our time – and the amount we give to work and with what effect – is of growing significance. This is what…
We need to think about the benefits of locally grown food before signing off on suburban sprawl. avlxyz/Flickr

Paving our market gardens: choosing suburbs over food

In 1947 the Sydney Basin produced “three quarters of the State’s lettuces, half of the spinach, a third of the cabbages and a quarter of the beans; seventy percent of the State’s poultry farms were in…
The Tokai Challenger team after winning the 2011 World Solar Challenge. World Solar Challenge

The World Solar Challenge and the future of solar cars

On October 20 2011, the Tokai Challenger solar car drove quietly into Victoria Square in the centre of Adelaide, winning the 2011 World Solar Challenge. The car had crossed Australia from north to south…
Chimps, like humans, can relive painful memories and grieve for loved ones. tgraham

Almost human: why a laboratory is no place for great apes

Twenty years ago, Jared Diamond’s book “The Third Chimpanzee” highlighted a startling fact. If we adhere to the scientific rules for classifying species (taxonomy), humans should be classified as a third…
Trans fats are more harmful to your health than regular fats and should be avoided. Flickr/Half alive

Explainer: what are trans fats?

Trans fats – they’re in our chips, bakery goods, popcorn and cakes. We know we should avoid them, but what exactly are they, and why are they so bad for us? First, let’s take a step back and look at how…
Too many people? It’s hard to say without looking at our lifestyle. Tony.../Flickr

Australia’s population – what is sustainable?

Population policy discussions in Australia fall well short of confronting the core questions. We cannot even ask “what is a sustainable population?” until we look at our unsustainable lifestyles and the…
Australia’s FIFA World Cup bid cost $45 million, but lost out to Qatar. AAP

How much do we really gain from the money we spend on sport?

BUSINESS OF SPORT: Australian taxpayers are right to question government spending. For example, we have recently seen debate over policies such as the National Broadband Network and the Home Insulation…
When the driver’s away, the cars will play. joeszilvagyi

Boys and their toys: a crash course in driverless cars

It’s a science fiction staple: driverless cars navigating crowded cities. But just how close are we to such a world? How long until an autonomous vehicle could be sitting in your driveway? Last year Google…
Women are most likely to depend Centrelink payments. AAP

How the surplus drains the gender balance

FEDERAL BUDGET 2011: In recent decades, the budget surplus has become a goal in itself and an obsession for governments. In the process, we have lost some perspective on what kind of social and economic…
Even modest weight loss can reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Anya Quinn

Preventing diabetes with the right diet

We’ve come a long way in our understanding of diabetes over the past few decades. Rather than cutting down on sugar, the prevention and management of diabetes hinges on weight control and a balanced diet…


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