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University of Sydney

Established in 1850, the University of Sydney was Australia’s first tertiary education institution. It is committed to maximising the potential of its students, teachers and researchers for the benefit of Australia and the wider world.


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Measles is one of the few infectious diseases for which elimination is possible. USACE Europe District/flickr

A persistent spot of bother – why vaccinations haven’t stopped measles

Despite high vaccination rates, Australia and other developed countries periodically have small outbreaks of measles, as seen in the recent scares in Victoria and New South Wales. Until about 40 years…
NBN Co chief Mike Quigley and Stephen Conroy still face many tough tasks. AAP

It’s no secret, the NBN’s been left to tender mercies

The news that NBN Co has found a way to move forward from the crucial cost-of-construction issue must have surely lifted the Gillard Government’s spirits. NBN Co, the government-owned corporation in charge…
You wouldn’t believe what modern telescopes can do. Professor Fumolatro/Flickr

Will we ever see the Big Bang?

Last week, scientists set a new distance record, seeing a burst of gamma-rays from a star that exploded when the universe was only 520 million years old. The light from this distant source has been travelling…
The universe teems with energy and matter we don’t understand. stuant63/Flickr

Adventures in the dark side of cosmology

In questioning the fundamental nature of the universe, cosmology regularly grabs the public’s attention. But in an era in which we are observing deeper and more widely than ever before, our knowledge of…
The poorly paid aged care sector is a barometer of collective bargaining efforts. Elliott Brown/Flickr

Can collective bargaining really lift workers out of low wages?

Labor’s post-WorkChoices industrial relations regime has come under renewed scrutiny in the past week, following Fair Work Australia’s recognition that community sector workers were being underpaid due…
Young smokers would need to sit an interview before they could buy cigarettes. AAP

A licensing scheme to make smokers butt out for good

Under this proposal, anyone who wanted to buy a tobacco product would need to have a licence. This wouldn’t happen overnight – we would need to identify a starting point to the scheme, which might be five…
Ambassador Geoff Raby and Kevin Rudd need to build a resilient relationship with China. AAP/Dan Peled

Has Kevin Rudd failed us on China?

“To speak Chinese is not to know China,” our man in Beijing announced this week. “Many examples can be found of people who speak Mandarin to a high level but who do not understand how China works. They…


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