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University of the Arts London

University of the Arts London is Europe’s largest specialist arts and design university, with close to 19,000 students from more than 100 countries.

Established in 2004, UAL brings together six esteemed arts, design, fashion and media Colleges, which were founded in the 19th and early 20th centuries: Camberwell College of Arts; Central Saint Martins; Chelsea College of Arts; London College of Communication; London College of Fashion; and Wimbledon College of Arts.

We give students unique opportunities to learn, create, research and innovate across a whole range of disciplines and at all levels – covering everything from drama, graphic and interior design to fashion and fine art. We’re proud to have teaching staff who are professional artists, practitioners, designers, critics and theorists. Learn about our world of courses here.


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Concerns about art and the environment should not be so divorced. Lucy Orta

Arts institutions must break their petroleum dependency

After a three-year court battle, the Tate has been forced to disclose how much money it receives in sponsorship from BP. The stubbornness seemed to indicate a massive sum, one the galleries could not do…
Adolf Wölfli drawing from 1926: a prolific artist. Wikimedia/Kulture Online

Outsider art can refashion how we think about mental illness

Organisations such as MIND work tirelessly to raise awareness of mental health problems and real progress has been made in destigmatising mental illness through campaigns such as Time to Change and Black…
A ‘library’ today is as much digital as it is bricks and mortar. stevecadman

If learners live online, teachers and textbooks must follow them

Ten years after the launch of Facebook and eight years after the launch of Twitter, social media has become more pervasive and our use of it more sophisticated. It’s no longer a place where we report what…
Ciara Phillips, Things Shared, 2014. Tate Photography

Turner Prize show fails to live up to potential of shortlist

Earlier this year, Turner Prize nominee Duncan Campbell said that in making films he attempts to find what the writer Samuel Beckett termed “a form that accommodates the mess”. It is exactly this search…
Chanel Autumn/Winter 2014 glorifies the everyday. Christopher Karaba/EPA

Normcore: when being ordinary becomes a fashion statement

Putting together words like normal and fashion feels like a contradiction, but that’s exactly what Gap is doing with its autumn/winter 2014 advertising campaign, called Dress Normal. It makes a virtue…
World War I uniform supplier Burberry’s more recent incarnation. EPA/Matteo Bazzi

From the Somme to the catwalk: the story of the trench coat

The words “trench coat” might make you think of a stylish, clean, unisex jacket. That feeling of exchanging your heavy winter coat for smart belted beige, striding down the street in springtime. Or perhaps…
Moss original and Moss copied. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

The internet is not going to sap originality from art

In the last few months I’ve noticed a groundswell of murmurs about the internet’s relationship with culture. Again. But this time it relates to visual art. The discussion in terms of publishing is well…
Ciara Phillips, Workshop (2010–ongoing), 2013, The Showroom, London. Courtesy the artist and The Showroom, London. © Ciara Phillips.

The 2014 Turner Prize shortlist is all about the viewer

In 1973, Marcel Duchamp said: “Art is not about itself, but the attention we bring to it.” This is something that this year’s Turner Prize shortlist brings to the fore. The shortlisted artists all have…
Not regulation… Fearless Stumbler

Current crafts craze echoes World War I knitting projects

The rise of stitch and knit clubs, guerrilla knitting, yarn bombing and calls to knit sweaters for oil-spill affected penguins have all drawn attention to craft as a force for social change. Knitting is…
Makoko Floating School, Designed by NL Makoko Community Building Team. © NLÉ

Don’t judge Designs of the Year 2014 at face value

I have a golden rule, which is never to review a building unless I have been to it. Architecture is at heart about use and experience, and this simply cannot be conveyed through pictures, words and drawings…


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