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University of Tromsø

The University of Tromsø is the northernmost university of the world. It´s location on the edge of the Arctic implies a mission. The Arctic is of increasing global importance. Climate change, the exploitation of Arctic resources and environmental threats are topics of great public concern, which the University of Tromsø takes special interest in. At UiT you can explore global issues from a close-up perspective.


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Perdagangan ilegal satwa liar yang terancam punah di Möng La, Shan, Myanmar. Dan Bennett/Wikimedia

Konsep ‘One Health’ harus diutamakan untuk memungkinkan kita untuk mencegah pandemi

Agar bisa mengantisipasi dan menangani munculnya pandemi baru dengan lebih baik, perlu perubahan paradigma dengan melihat interaksi antara kesehatan manusia, kesehatan hewan, lingkungan, dan ekonomi.
You can’t calculate for a confidence gap. AlenKadr/Shutterstock

One way to fix the gender gap in academia – only hire women

If you want more women in your organisation, advertise jobs that are designated for women only. That’s what Delft University of Technology did. Delft had a problem. It had too few women faculty members…
European green crabs, the party crashers of the American coasts. Lmbuga

Heed past lessons to save Arctic from invasive species

More shipping is sailing through thawing Arctic waters, but while these northern routes might provide opportunities for tourism, mining and cutting down delivery times, the ships may also carry stowaways…


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