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Political parties have increased the numbers of female legislative candidates. But the numbers of elected female legislators haven’t significantly increased. Reuters/Beawiharta

How can Indonesia increase the number of women legislators?

Indonesia obliges political parties to have at least 30% of women candidates in their legislative candidates list. But then why this hasn't significantly increase women's electability?
Secara umum jumlah calon legislatif (caleg) perempuan dari tujuh partai yang bersaing di tiga pemilu legislatif lampau terus meningkat. Lalu mengapa jumlah perempuan yang terpilih tidak bisa meningkat secara maksimal? Reuters/Beawiharta

Bagaimana mendongkrak keterwakilan perempuan di DPR?

Kuota gender yang mewajibkan partai untuk menempatkan perempuan sedikitnya 30 persen di daftar calon tetap (DCT) belum mendongkrak keterpilihan perempuan secara signifikan.
In a move that suggests physical retail stores aren’t dead, Amazon has opened three bookstores and over 60 pop-up stores in the US, and has plans for up to 2,000 grocery stores. Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Amazon drives a fifth city-shaping retail revolution

Urban retail space is being transformed yet again. Predictions of the demise of physical retailing in the face of online competition overlook its resilience over two centuries of disruptive innovations.
Giving workers a ‘voice’ is easy, and has already been proven effective as a management technique. shutterstock

The key to a vibrant democracy may well lie in your workplace

Employees whose bosses give them some discretion over their work tasks are significantly more likely to engage in political behaviours outside work.
The biggest problem with supplementary examinations is the punitive nature of the assessment. Shutterstock

Why we need to rethink supplementary examinations

In Australian schools, assessment drives learning, but there are better models to consider than the current system of supplementary examinations.
Mental disorders affected one in seven students and were associated with being less connected and engaged at school, having lower attendance rates, and poorer academic outcomes than their peers. Shutterstock

Mental disorders linked to poor NAPLAN performance in Australian schools

A national survey has shown Australian school students with a mental disorder can be almost three years behind in their studies by the time they sit their final NAPLAN test in year nine.
The federal government has announced a royal commission into banks and other financial services entities. AAP

Banking royal commission will expose the real cost of bad behaviour

Even though the Prime Minister and heads of the big four banks argue costly political uncertainty is the reason for the royal commission, experts argue the banks' behaviour itself is the real cost.
The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has begun its two-day review of Australia’s record on racial equality. Shutterstock

Australia’s record on racial equality under the microscope

Australia's track record on racial equality and tackling racism is under review – and the findings will have significant implications.
Les noms, adresses électroniques et numéros de téléphone de 57 millions d'utilisateurs ont été piratés. Pexels/Pixabay

Piratage d’Uber : le « hack » de trop

Le mépris d’Uber pour la protection de la vie privée de ses clients ajoute du poids à la nécessité d’une réglementation et de la mise en place de systèmes de contrôle.

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