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Guess what? It’s not so much size but the shape that matters. Ozchin

Seen one seen them all? More to genitalia than meets the eye

Why should male genitalia be so variable? This problem has puzzled evolutionary biologists for decades. Even to the experts, it can be difficult to tell closely-related species apart just by looking at…
If farmers aren’t exempt, times could get even tougher. Big Grey Mare/Flickr

No carbon tax on petrol, but who’ll bear the brunt?

The recent announcement that a carbon tax would not be levied on petrol for cars or light vehicles used by motorists, tradespeople and small businesses is an interesting political statement. But this statement…
An emissions trading scheme and a carbon tax are not the same thing. AAP

Explainer: The difference between a carbon tax and an ETS

Since July 2012, Australia has had in place its carbon pricing scheme. It is commonly referred to as a “carbon tax”, but also as an “Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) with a fixed price”. And the plan is…
Google+ faces an uphill struggle to win hearts and minds. Google

10 reasons why Google+ will never be Facebook

Google is hoping that the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again” will work out for them with Google+. Launched as a private beta version on Tuesday, Google+ is the search giant’s latest…
Universities have a responsibility to preserve the integrity of academic and scientific research. Zebra Pares/Flickr

Notre Dame University should not host Monckton

On June 30 Notre Dame University intends to host a lecture by Lord Christopher Monckton, one of the world’s most flamboyant climate change deniers. On learning of this I wrote an open letter to Notre Dame…
Achieving equity is less about grand gestures than meeting the actual needs of Indigenous Australians. Sorry by butupa/Flickr

Playing number games with Indigenous Australians’ health

The Australian Institute for Health and Welfare (AIHW) has released its latest report on how much money the Commonwealth and State governments spend on the health of Indigenous Australians. Despite being…
Despite centuries of study and folklore, we’re still not over the moon. ~BostonBill~

Chile volcano could turn tomorrow’s lunar eclipse red

What do Chile’s recent volcanic eruptions and tomorrow morning’s total lunar eclipse have in common? Well … Just before sunrise, Earth’s shadow will totally hide the normally-bright moon for about 100…
If you download shanties illegally, the iCloud may not float your boat. sean cumiskey

Music pirates won’t rush to iCloud for forgiveness

Some people, including on this site, have suggested there’s a loophole in Apple’s new iCloud that will allow people who illegally download music to somehow “launder” their dirty music files, getting a…
Weak labour data sent a signal to investors that US share markets might be overvalued. AAP

Accounting for Wall Street’s week of carnage

Share markets in the US and around the world are expected to fall again this week following sharp declines on Wall Street last week. The Dow Jones industrial average closed on Friday down 2.3% for the…
The mining sector is booming but others are missing out. AFP Greg Wood

Australia’s two speed economy - who wins, who loses?

Even as Australians are being warned to expect a dramatic fall in gross domestic product thanks to a larger than expected drop in the trade surplus, we still have a lot to be thankful for. Fundamentally…

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