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The University of Wollongong has become a benchmark for Australia’s new generation of universities. It is ranked among the best 20 modern universities in the world* and has built a reputation as an enterprising institution, with a multi-disciplinary approach to research and a personalised approach to teaching. Over 32,000 students are studying UOW degrees across nine campuses throughout Australia and internationally in Dubai and Hong Kong.


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Though #MeToo has changed some aspects of media reporting, there is still much to be done. Wes Mountain/The Conversation

#MeToo has changed the media landscape, but in Australia there is still much to be done

The #MeToo movement brought to light the extent of sexual violence in the community, largely through the media. But there is still a long way to go to overturn stereotypes and shut down online abuse.
Aktivis hak asasi manusia Filipina mengadakan demonstrasi di depan kantor Biro Investigasi Nasional (NBI) di mana CEO dan Editor Eksekutif Media Online Rappler, Maria Ressa ditahan, di Manila, Filipina, 14 Februari 2019. EPA/ALECS ONGCAL

Melawan kampanye negatif yang menyerang jurnalis di internet: Belajar dari Maria Ressa

Wartawan Filipina Maria Ressa menghadapi kampanye pelecehan online yang dirancang untuk mendiskreditkan dan membungkamnya.
Penggunaan gadget dengan intensitas rendah lebih baik untuk anak-anak.

Mengapa waktu bermain gadget untuk anak dan remaja harus dibatasi?

Pakar memperingatkan bahwa waktu penggunaan gadget yang berlebihan meningkatkan risiko obesitas, kebugaran fisik yang rendah, kecemasan dan depresi.
Gerald Butts, alors secrétaire principal du premier ministre Justin Trudeau, à son arrivée à une rencontre des premiers ministres. M. Butts a démissionné en raison d'allégations selon lesquelles le cabinet du premier ministre s'est ingéré pour empêcher les poursuites criminelles contre SNC-Lavalin. LA PRESSE CANADIENNE/Sean Kilpatrick

Scandale SNC-Lavalin: quand politique et poursuites s'emmêlent

Les risques d'influence politique sur le processus juridique sont importants, dit cette ancienne procureur. Au pays, les poursuites doivent être dans l'intérêt public, un critère discrétionnaire...
Gerald Butts, principal secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is seen on April 20, 2018. Butts resigned amid allegations that the Prime Minister’s Office interfered to prevent a criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darren Calabrese

The SNC-Lavalin affair and the politics of prosecution

The SNC-Lavalin affair raises fundamental questions about how decisions to prosecute are made, and what role elected politicians should have in that process -- if any at all.
Why welding in a confined space is so dangerous: argon gas, used commonly in welding, is 38% denser than air. It can displace oxygen close to the ground. Being undetectable, this can lead to loss of consciousness and asphyxiation. Shutterstock

Killed in the line of work duties: we need to fix dangerous loopholes in health and safety laws

The death of apprentice Dillon Wu at a Melbourne factory raises questions about employer responsibility when a traditional employment relationship doesn't exist.
Richard ‘Bert’ Roberts, Vladimir Uliyanov and Maxim Kozlikin (clockwise from top) examining sediments in the East Chamber of Denisova Cave. Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Author provided

Fresh clues to the life and times of the Denisovans, a little-known ancient group of humans

New studies reveal when the Denisovans and their Neanderthal cousins occupied a cave in southern Siberia. It's the only site known to have been inhabited by them and by modern humans.
SBS is continuing to tap into the slow TV trend, with its suite of ‘Slow Summer’ programming, including one exploring the Kimberley. SBS

Why slow TV deserves our (divided) attention

Slow TV is perfect viewing for our binge-watching, multi-tasking population.

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