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University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong has become a benchmark for Australia’s new generation of universities. It is ranked among the best 20 modern universities in the world* and has built a reputation as an enterprising institution, with a multi-disciplinary approach to research and a personalised approach to teaching. Over 32,000 students are studying UOW degrees across nine campuses throughout Australia and internationally in Dubai and Hong Kong.


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Carbon reporting regulations are controlled by a select few. freefotouk/Flickr

The private world of carbon reporting

Five years ago, we really didn’t have a clue what an organisation’s carbon impact might look like, and few firms had any sort of carbon-oriented business plan. Now, the trend is to fill this gap by producing…
We have the technology … but have we discussed its possible impacts? fdecomite

Four visions, three dimensions: the future of 3D printing

Chances are you’ve heard about 3D printing – or additive manufacturing as it’s otherwise known: a process that turns computer-aided designs into three-dimensional, real-world objects with a range of uses…
Those who see fit have everything they need to measure opinion, conduct sentiment analyses and sway opinion this way or that. Ali Ali/EPA

Israel, Palestine and the benefits of waging war through Twitter

Warfare, as we know, has gone digital, its volleys and counterattacks rattled out 140 characters at a time. Historically, nation states with superior military prowess have been in a position of influence…
A combination of wax and coiling makes carbon nanotube muscles stronger than ever. Science/AAAS

Power to you: carbon nanotube muscles are going strong

Just on a year ago my colleagues and I announced our discovery that carbon nanotube yarns could be made to twist and rotate at great speeds when electrically stimulated. In this way we had created “artificial…
“There remains no consensus at the present time on the climatic or ecological impacts of Toba.” Victor Hazeldine/EPA

Armageddon and its aftermath: dating the Toba super-eruption

No-one alive today has witnessed a volcanic eruption remotely as big as the Toba “super” eruption. But our ancestors may have done, tens of thousands of years ago, when northern Sumatra exploded, creating…
Reaching a stage where humans become something other than human could be undesirable. v i p e z

People plus: is transhumanism the next stage in our evolution?

Inviting artificial intelligence into our bodies has appeal – but it also carries certain risks. I have often wondered what it would be like to rid myself of a keyboard for data entry, and a computer screen…
With free, quality online education from brand-name universities, will overseas students come to Australia? Elephant image from

The elephant in the chat room: will international students stay at home?

FUTURE OF HIGHER EDUCATION: We continue our series on the rise of online and blended learning and how free online courses are set to transform the higher education sector. Today, Wollongong University’s…
The Legged Squad Support System has been designed to accompany war fighters into battle. Boston Dynamics

Meet Boston Dynamics’ LS3 – the latest robotic war machine

On first viewing Boston Dynamics’ latest creation, the LS3 (Legged Squad Support System), I could not help but be taken back to the AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transport) walker, as depicted in the Star…
Australia’s surf megabrands — once thriving cultural icons — are now facing a changing tide of fortunes. Andrew Warren

All washed up: have surf megabrands forgotten their roots?

Yesterday’s announcement that iconic brand Rip Curl plans to sell-up raises the question: just what has happened to Australia’s iconic surf brands? It has been well publicised that the big three surf labels…
Since 1739, David Hume has been telling us to take a look at our decision-making processes. Oscar Palmer

Don’t wait for science to ‘settle’; decide what society needs

If you listen to the debate between science and society in most of the West, you get one version or another of the linear model. Science comes first. When it is “settled”, society will know what to do…
Electricity price rises can be traced to a number of factors. AAP Image

The real cause of electricity price rises in NSW

As the political debate around rising power prices and the carbon tax heats up, there is a renewed debate around the privatisation of electricity distribution in New South Wales. With power prices sure…
There is no evidence that hunting and killing sharks reduces attacks on humans. US Fish and Wildlife Service

Who’s hunting who? Misguided responses to shark attacks

The most recent fatal encounter between a shark and a surfer off the coast of Western Australia is a tragic loss of human life. It prompted a Western Australian government reaction to “hunt and kill” the…
A jugaad is not only the name for the jalopies driven by India’s rural poor; it also refers to a management technique that refers to that country’s capacity for indigenous innovation. lut4rp

All hail Jugaad? Understanding the latest management fad from India

What do India’s huge blackouts this month have to do with the latest fad for CEOs? Forget guanxi, the Chinese art of networking; forget the Japanese-inspired disciplinary regime, the Six Sigma way. The…
Understanding the mechanics of breast movement feeds into better design for sports bras. mikebaird

Bouncing breasts: the science of the sports bra

If you’re female and exercise, a certain amount of breast movement is inevitable. But bosom movement extends beyond bouncing up and down – it also involves moving side to side, which impacts on breast…
Tuna fishers agree that too many tuna are caught. But there is no good system to decide who should catch less. Justin Woolford

Who pays for conservation in the world’s biggest tuna fishery?

The world catches too many tuna. Thanks to our high levels of fishing, some tuna species are under threat. Everyone involved in the fishing industry agrees that fishing effort needs to be reduced. But…
While Australia fears either an environment or economic doomsday, other countries get on with making a cleaner future. Detail of Hieronymus Bosch's The Last Judgment, from Flickr/profzucker

Apocalypse Not: doomsday thinkers of Oz should get out more

I sometimes wonder what planet this country of ours is on. The environmental debate we are having seems to be in a parallel universe to the rest of the world. Having spent the last four years running one…
Following the suicide of their 19-year old daughter Brodie Panlock after workplace bullying, parents Rae and Damien Panlock have campaigned national protection laws. AAP

Can we fix the damage caused by workplace bullying?

For more than a decade I have been researching aspects of workplace bullying – that widespread and scurrilous set of activities where those in power (about 75% of perpetrators are managers and supervisors…
The length and width of countries might influence their cultural diversity … or not. byJoeLodge

Does the shape of countries shape their destiny?

Might the destiny of nations be controlled by the underlying shape of their geography? This is the subject of a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The authors…


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