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University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong has become a benchmark for Australia’s new generation of universities. It is ranked among the best 20 modern universities in the world* and has built a reputation as an enterprising institution, with a multi-disciplinary approach to research and a personalised approach to teaching. Over 32,000 students are studying UOW degrees across nine campuses throughout Australia and internationally in Dubai and Hong Kong.


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Collection of sediment DNA samples in the Main Chamber of Denisova Cave. Bert Roberts

Dirty secrets: sediment DNA reveals a 300,000-year timeline of ancient and modern humans living in Siberia

Our research has also uncovered major long-term changes in ancient animal populations at Denisova Cave, and has provided the first direct evidence of Homo sapiens having lived there.
La militarización de la guerra de México contra las drogas -y, a menudo, contra los consumidores de drogas- ha matado al menos a 150.000 personas en los últimos 15 años. Jair Cabrera Torres/picture alliance via Getty Images

Legalización del cannabis en México: un paso para contener la guerra contra las drogas

A pesar de los límites de la iniciativa, la legalización de la marihuana sería un hito simbólico de gran importancia para un país inmerso en una cruenta guerra contra el narco.
Could music provide an unlikely source of inspiration for improving human relationships with forests? Paul Jones / UOW Media

Friday essay: the guitar industry’s hidden environmental problem — and the people trying to fix it

Following scandals over illegal logging, and with an appetite for rare, old-growth wood, the guitar industry is rethinking its environmental footprint. Australian companies are leading the way.
Stella Prize/The Conversation

The Stella shortlist: your guide to 2021’s powerful, emotional books

Our experts cast their eyes over this list of contemporary fiction, historical fiction, and non-fiction which undertakes impressive trapeze acts across genre boundaries.


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