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Some see the ageing population as a burden on the health system. xavi talleda/flickr

Forget me not: preventing suicide among the elderly

With public attention firmly focused on the increase in the suicide rate among people under the age of 35 in the last 20 years, few people are aware that those aged 75 years and over, particularly males…
Greece would be better off defaulting on its debt than languishing under tough austerity measures. AAP

A Greek debt default wouldn’t be a tragedy

A poll of international investors last month found that 85% expect Greece to default on its debt this year. As market expectations go, that is very high. Moody’s has since downgraded Greece’s already abysmal…
It’s time to look seriously at changing our constitution. An apology is not enough. AAP/Dave Hunt

Indigenous Australians the key to a strong Constitution

There is unfinished business in Australia, and it’s time to start a serious conversation about resolving it. We need to talk about the planned referendum on Indigenous recognition in the Australian Constitution…
As standards of living have improved, marriage rates have dropped. limpinglemur

Hell’s bells: why marriage gets hard when things get easy

It’s the sort of news conservative politicians and commentators latch on to as a sure-fire sign that the end of civilisation is nigh: marriage rates are in continuing decline. But is this really such a…
Internet fraud laws are blurring the lines of what constitutes a crime. AAP

The trouble with catching crooks online

The belated disclosure by Sony last month that hackers had accessed millions of customers’ identity and credit card data worldwide has put the security of personal data once again into the spotlight. Warnings…
Stars like Jiz Lee and Dallas Fivestar are redefining porn for feminists. violet.blue/flickr

Porn and feminism: not strange bedfellows after all

I was recently approached by a young journalist, who asked for my comments on the Feminist Porn Awards. In the course of the interview, she asked if I thought feminists should watch porn. I replied that…

A model way with waves

Researchers have begun a project to create the first global tool to forecast how changes in wave patterns and rising sea…
Large-scale solar could be Australia’s dominant renewable technology by 2030. AAP

Australia’s confused solar policy lacks energy

Australia has a huge solar energy resource. Solar collectors spread out over a square 50 km could generate all of Australia’s current electricity demand. Of course in practice, we would need a mix of renewable…
Mental stimulation can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. nany mata/Flickr

Victims of our own success: why more of us are facing dementia

When we think of dementia, we tend to imagine it as a condition that goes hand in hand with old age. What’s not talked about is the fact the diseases that cause it have a long genesis. Alzheimer’s Australia…
Cloud computing could completely change the game. sharmili r/Flickr

Chromebook: why Google has its head in the cloud

Google’s so-called Chromebook will be launched next month in the US and much of Europe, and, not unusually, “some time later” in Australia … The move was announced at the company’s flasghip I/O conference…
Personal credibility is what convinces voters. AAP/Alan Porritt

Abbott comes out swinging but is light on detail

As a boxer Tony Abbott had a limited but effective method described by some as “the whirling dervish”. He was full of energy and on the attack with arms swinging. It was a tactic that could work for the…
Microsoft’s US$8.5 billion purchase: investment folly, or money well spent? Lou Dematteis/EPA

Skype and Microsoft: a deal worth ringing home about?

So, Microsoft has announced it will buy Skype in a US$8.5 billion move that has left the technology and business worlds puzzled. Owners of Microsoft shares might be most puzzled of all, maybe even tearing…
An error about Himalyan glaciers in the 2007 report caused a lot of hype. AAP

Trust us, we’re climate scientists: the case for the IPCC

“Why don’t scientists just get together and figure out what’s going on?” It’s a common question we hear about global warming. The answer is simple: “They have.” The largest effort to pull the relevant…

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