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Access to data will lead to better outcomes for our universities. Tom McNally/flickr

Better data key to evidence-based policy in higher ed

Objective analysis of good microdata on students can yield results that are highly relevant to educational policy. This should come as no surprise, since it is the case in most other disciplines. To learn…
Hundreds of exoplanets have been discovered, but are we any closer to finding life? AAP

Exoplanets: how the search for life became sexy

In the late 1980s, when I was a young whipper-snapper just starting out as an astronomer, it was quite obvious some fields had an incredibly high profile and others were outré. The sexy ideas at the time…
GPS technology is everywhere, but should we rely so heavily on it? 3D King/Flickr

GPS jamming could make you a casual terrorist

One consequence of the global rise of GPS (Global Positioning System), and its inherent ability to track and record information, is that people feel their privacy is cramped, their movements recorded…
Are police or the media leading the debate on crime in NSW. AAP

State of NSW: Setting the agenda on crime in NSW

With the state election in NSW approaching, and the predicted demise of the reign of Labor, there is no more perfect an opportunity to reflect on the way in which law and order issues have come to characterise…

Launch of HIV tool in Indonesia

A new computerized tool to help authorities reduce HIV infection and track the disease has been launched in Jakarta. Developed…

Heart Foundation tick misleading

Food companies are gaining credibility for unhealthy products by paying for the Heart Foundation’s tick, argues nutritionist…
Should we be able to better “manage” extreme events? Kimimasa Mayama/EPA

Learning from the Japan tsunami

What lessons can we learn from the March 11 Japan earthquake and tsunami? Well, hindsight is a wonderful thing. We can, of course, question the wisdom of placing nuclear power plants in coastal locations…

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