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Images are so useful in medical diagnosis - but there are legal and ethical concerns about how they’re used. from www.shutterstock.com

Doctors already use phones to share clinical images of patients – legislation needs to catch up

Has your doctor ever taken a photo of your medical condition? It's really useful to aid diagnosis, but we still don't have the right legislation to ensure legal and ethical protections.
Economics has led to an explosion in three point shooting in the NBA. AAP

How and why economics is taking over sports

Why are NBA players taking more three pointers, baseball pitchers throwing slower, and soccer player salaries skyrocketing? It all comes down to the economics of sport.
There is a glaring need to reform Australia’s archaic wealth inequality statistics to make them commensurate with international practice. www.shutterstock.com

Bad data collection means we don’t know how much the middle class is being squeezed by the wealthy

The squeeze on wealth in the middle class by those at the top is a long established trend in international inequality data. But the ABS doesn't provide this information.
Proses penggalian di kompleks arkeologi Gua Niah. (Photo: Mhd. S. Sauffi/Darren Curnoe) Author provided

Di hutan Borneo, kami menemukan bukti keberadaan manusia purba

Dari Pulau Borneo, Darren Curnoe membagikan catatan harian yang bercerita upaya regunya menjelajahi pemakaman kuno. Melalui dua meter tanah liat, mereka menemukan alat dan tulang manusia.

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