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Xidian University

Xidian University is a Chinese national university operating under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. Its key disciplines are information and electronics, alongside coordinated development of engineering, science, management and arts. Founded in 1931, it is now one of the key institutions of higher learning in line with the national Project 211 initative. It is one of 56 Chinese universities which have set up graduate schools, one of the 35 which have established demonstrative software schools and one of the 20 universities which have been given approval to found integrated circuit design (IC) training bases.


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Sufferers of internet disorder might find it starts to impose on real life, such as causing difficulties in socialising. Flickr/Fle

Five new mental disorders you could have under DSM-5

Since it was first published in 1952, the DSM has been the has been the diagnostic bible for many psychiatrists. Each time the manual is updated, new conditions are introduced, often amid much controversy…


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