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York University, Canada

York University is a modern, multi-campus, urban university located in Toronto, Ontario. Backed by a diverse group of students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners, we bring a uniquely global perspective to help solve societal challenges, drive positive change and prepare our students for success. York’s fully bilingual Glendon Campus is home to Southern Ontario’s Centre of Excellence for French Language and Bilingual Postsecondary Education. York’s campuses in Costa Rica and India offer students exceptional transnational learning opportunities and innovative programs. Together, we can make things right for our communities, our planet, and our future.


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A woman walks past a mural in Vancouver, B.C. The power of public art is its ability to turn artistic practice into a social action. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Marissa Tiel

Bringing art into public spaces can improve the social fabric of a city

When public art pairs artistic expression with community engagement, it can honour the diverse communities that share public spaces and spur important conversations.
The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that the connections between science and policy need to be reconsidered. (Shutterstock)

Canadian ethicists recognize the critical importance of science and research

A new standing committee will ensure that Canadian federal policy is based on science. The committee should consider critical ethical thinking, scholarship and action, as well as legal frameworks and sociocultural values.
Crises disrupt our expectations for the future, thereby affecting our emotions, planning behaviours and identities. (Unsplash/Nick Fewings)

Successful health campaigns during COVID-19 need to manage our altered ideas about the future

When a crisis like COVID-19 disrupts expectations for the future, it also disrupts how health messaging works. Advertising research shows three ways that health campaigns can succeed in a crisis.
Artist Alanis Morissette receives her lifetime achievement award from the Canadian Music Hall of Fame during the 2015 Juno Awards. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

Junos 50th anniversary: How we remember these award-winning hit singles

Known variously in Juno history as ‘Best Single,’ or ‘Best-Selling Single,’ and now ‘Single of the Year’ this award always garners attention. Reflections on select singles since 1979.
Diana Ross monte sur un char lors de la 92e parade annuelle de l’Action de grâce du magasin Macy’s dans les rues de Manhattan en 2018. Shutterstock

Le mouvement #advancedstyle célèbre l’élégance des femmes âgées et leur apporte un sentiment de puissance

Une nouvelle étude révèle que les influenceuses de plus de 50 ans s’engagent dans un activisme de style pour combattre les industries de la mode et de la beauté âgistes et sexistes.
La façon dont les enseignants se souviennent de leur enfance donne des indices importants sur leur capacité à identifier et à combattre les inégalités dans les écoles aujourd'hui. Shutterstock

Les souvenirs d’enfance des enseignants influent sur leur manière de lutter contre les inégalités scolaires

Lorsque les enseignants utilisent leurs souvenirs pour examiner comment les écoles affectent les chances des enfants sur la base de leur identité sociale, ils imaginent une éducation plus équitable.
Why have Uber drivers been regarded more favourably than taxi drivers? Lexi Anderson/Unsplash

How Uber drivers avoided — and contributed to — the fate of taxi drivers

Taxi drivers and Uber drivers perform the same work, but Uber’s categorization as a tech company has contributed to the historical stigma against taxi drivers.


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