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Renault Zoé is currently the best-selling electric vehicle in the European Union (15% market share) and leader in France (with 70% of market share). Wikimedia Commons

The future of electric vehicles according to experts in the energy sector

The overall analysis of the results of the new Energy Market Barometer confirms that the road to a change in the dominant mobility model is still long.
Renault Zoé est actuellement le véhicule électrique le plus vendu au sein de l’Union européenne (15% de parts de marché) et leader en France (avec 70% de parts de marché). Wikimedia Commons

L’avenir des véhicules électriques selon les experts du secteur de l’énergie

L’analyse globale des résultats de ce nouveau Baromètre du marché de l’énergie confirme que la route vers un changement de modèle dominant de la mobilité est encore longue.
A tanker ship heads into Liverpool harbour as a pilot boats heads out. In the background. In the background, the Burbo Bank wind farm. While new facilities have increased capacity, the UK currently imports 6% of its electricity. Andrew/Flickr

‘Energy Brexit’: What are the consequences on both sides of the Channel?

A year after Brexit, experts from the Grenoble École de Management and the Centre for European Economic Research look at what impacts the UK's leaving the EU could have on energy prices and security.

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