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Komodo Dragons have bite of a pussycat

The Komodo Dragon has an astoundingly weak bite, new research has found.

The largest lizards in the world, which have been known to grow up to three metres and weigh in excess of 100 kg, can take down animals as big as water buffalo, as well as the occasional human.

But the Dragon relies on a combination of deadly poison, razor-sharp teeth, brute strength, and a “can-opener” biting technique to kill its prey

A new study, conducted by the University of New South Wales, has revealed the bite of the giant reptile is less powerful than that of a common house cat. Rather, the Komodo Dragon relies on the force generated by its stocky, muscular body to allow its serrated teeth to tear away large sections of flesh from prey. In effect it operates much like a “giant scaly can opener”.

Researchers believe carnivorous dinosaurs may have used similar techniques to kill their own prey.

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