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Articles on Athletic performance

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Hawk-eye technology can be used to do more than just check those troublesome line calls in tennis. AAPImage/Lukas Coch

Beyond the line call: how Hawk-Eye can improve performance

The evolution of professional tennis has always been linked to the changing technology of the day. For example, the decline of the wooden racket lead to the whole new power-based style of play we enjoy…
Looking to big data for that extra leap. EPA/JASON SZENES Corbis Out

Big data can give athletes the winning edge

Sport at the elite level has always adopted new technologies to capture data from players during play to better understand their performance and their team’s result. Closely aligned with this is the practice…
“Re-warm ups” may boost performance in the subsequent minutes, the study showed. EPA/JUAN CARLOS HIDALGO

Half time warm-ups boost athletic performance

High-intensity, short duration warm up activities at half time intervals boost athletic performance, a study of soccer players has found. The research may provide an insight into how losing teams could…

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