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The composer’s expressionism is often compared to paintings of his friend and fellow expressionist, Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky’s 1925 painting ‘Yellow-Red-Blue.’ (Wikipedia)

From concert halls to movie soundtracks, Arnold Schoenberg’s legacy as a classical composer still resounds

Though composers after Schoenberg used his technique to create atmospheric music in film, Schoenberg’s own ‘Accompaniment to a Film Scene’ was written for concert performance.
Gustavo Dudamel dirigiendo a la Orquesta Juvenil Simón Bolívar en Oslo, en 2010. Miguel O. Strauss/Flickr

What does an orchestra conductor really do?

What does a conductor do when they stand up and move their hands and baton? What is their role? And how has their way of leading evolved?
Aboriginal man playing violin to a group outside a tin shack, Moore River Native Settlement, Western Australia, ca. 1920. State Library of Western Australia

Fusing traditional culture and the violin: how Aboriginal musicians enhanced and maintained community in 20th century Australia

Western music was often taught to Aboriginal people as preparation for assimilation into white Australian society – but Aboriginal people continued to play the violin even when not prescribed.

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