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The particular stressors of the holiday season can make it difficult to listen to your body. InspirationGP/iStock via Getty Images

Do you eat with your eyes, your gut or your brain? A neuroscientist explains how to listen to your hunger during the holidays

You likely know that the sight and smell of food can trigger cravings. But internal cues from your gut and your brain play just as important a role in the decisions you make around food.
In the last two decades alone, Canada has lost nearly 150,000 farmers with the current population standing at just 260,000. Barriers to farming need to be addressed to mitigate this loss. (Shutterstock)

Canada’s agricultural policies need to better serve local farmers and communities

The impact of agricultural issues extends far beyond the farming community. Current social crises, including biodiversity loss and food inaccessibility, affect everyone.
Different foods have different target temperatures to eliminate pathogens, so use a reliable food safety chart and a digital food thermometer when cooking each dish, and whenever you reheat leftovers. (Shutterstock)

Ensure a safe and delicious holiday feast: How to use a food thermometer to prevent foodborne illness

A food thermometer is your holiday feast’s unsung hero, ensuring that poultry, meats and other dishes, including vegetable-based, reach the internal temperatures needed to eliminate harmful pathogens.

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