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The law is already established on under-16s being deemed competent enough to make decisions about vaccinations for themselves. KALA.LAURA / Alamy Stock Photo

COVID vaccines for under-16s: why competent children in the UK can legally decide for themselves

The law can give under-16s the right to consent to medical treatment, even without their parents’ approval.
Would anyone want to spend more screen time talking about pandemics? Yes, learned an anthropologist, biologist and historian who developed a course on the topic. (Shutterstock)

A university course on pandemics: What we learned when 80 experts, 300 alumni and 600 students showed up

The course offers a model for teaching about complex problems, and underlines the critical role of university learning, research and outreach in understanding and addressing them.
Substantial savings could be made by improving everyone’s mental wellbeing. SewCream/ Shutterstock

Mental wellbeing is not just beneficial for you – it can also lead to lower healthcare costs

Our study shows that higher levels of mental wellbeing is associated with less money being spent on health and social care.

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