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Who knows? Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/PA Images

UK election: hung parliament casts doubt over Theresa May’s future

Rolling coverage of the general election results from expert academics.
Who will be the UK’s next prime minister: incumbent Theresa May or Labour challenger Jeremy Corbyn? Various photographers/Reuters

Conservatives no longer a shoo-in as UK voters head to the polls

Terrorism, Brexit, Scottish independence: there is a lot going on in the UK election, and the landslide once predicted for the Conservatives is no longer a safe bet.
How each U.K. party leader would drive Brexit is the key issue on voters’ minds. AP Photo/Matt Dunham

What the UK election means for Brexit and America

While security concerns have punctuated the campaign's closing days, Brexit remains the most important issue on voters' minds. How the EU exit is managed will matter a great deal to US interests.

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