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Tardigrades have extraordinary survival skills. Dotted Yeti/Shutterstock

Could tardigrades have colonized the Moon?

Tardigrades are tiny animals known for their extraordinary survival skills, but are they tough enough to survive a space-probe crash and conditions on the Moon?
Leap Day is coming. Marvin Samuel Tolentino Pineda/iStock, via Getty images

Why does a leap year have 366 days?

Humans have synced their calendars to the sun and moon for centuries, but every so often, these systems need a little correction.
The Artemis I Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft. The successful Artemis I mission was the first in an increasingly complex planned series of missions, which have now been delayed. (NASA/Cory Huston)

What delays to the Artemis II and III missions mean for Canada

NASA announced that the next two Artemis missions — Artemis II and III — will be delayed for safety reasons. However, Artemis IV remains on schedule.

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