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Prescription weight loss medicines are expensive and don’t produce lasting results. Flickr/Flashstep

Are diet pills the silver bullet for obesity?

Welcome to part nine of The science behind weight loss, a Conversation series in which we separate the myths about dieting from the realities of exercise and nutrition. Here, Lennert Veerman, Senior Research…
Fad diets might give you short-term “results” but they’re unlikely to keep the weight off. Flickr/HTB

Diets and weight loss: separating facts from fiction

Welcome to The science behind weight loss, a new Conversation series where we separate the myths about dieting from the realities of exercise and nutrition. In our first instalment, renowned nutritionist…
An analysis of newspaper reporting about sweet drinks found coverage was largely positively oriented. barekim/Flickr

Calories don’t quench thirst – mixed media messages about sweet drinks

Sugary drinks are very popular, almost entirely unnecessary, and contribute to a number of health problems. Despite such health risks, these drinks are increasingly marketed as healthy with labels highlighting…
Australia needs a tax on unhealthy foods that covers more than just fat content. Flickr/ms Tea

Is a ‘fat tax’ the answer to Australia’s obesity crisis?

Australia should follow the lead of Denmark and consider taxing foods high in saturated fats to curb the nation’s growing obesity problem, Greens leader Bob Brown said at yesterday’s tax forum. This week…
Study participant Bri King and daughter Ruby. People interviewed in the study reported having their parenting abilities questioned because of their weight. Bri King

Study finds obesity stigma erodes will to exercise, socialise

Shaming obese people commonly leads to self-blame and a reduced desire to engage in healthy activities like swimming, socialising…
The most promising interventions to curb obesity’s prevalence target the population as a whole rather than individuals. Tobyotter

Stemming the obesity epidemic requires courageous, population-level action

Non-communicable diseases – Lennert Veerman examines the reasons for the obesity epidemic and options for controlling it. Obesity levels are on the rise the world over. This is a sign that something is…

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