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All children must by law attend school, therefore the government has an obligation to provide quality public education, regardless of family status. Joe Castro/AAP

Withdrawing federal funding for public schooling would exacerbate two-tiered system

Fairfax press has reported the federal government’s green paper on reforming the federation has suggested four possible scenarios for school funding: Give states and territories complete funding responsibility…
The 2015 budget has confirmed the Coalition’s “Gonski-lite” school funding model. AAP/Jenny Evans

Education budget can’t shake the Gonski ghost

The budget has dribs and drabs of funds for various school projects, but they pale in comparison to the Gonski money we're missing out on.
Larger class sizes can have negative impacts on disadvantaged students. www-audio-luci-store-it/Flickr

Class size does matter: at least for disadvantaged students

A recent report by the Victorian Competition & Efficiency Commission has suggested that reducing class sizes in the state has not improved student academic performance. The report said that despite…
It is possible for schools to drag themselves out of low participation, low academic results and high attrition rates. AAP

How schools across the country are helping themselves

I’m over it. The endless binary debates that fuel the great education wars. Public vs private, phonics vs whole language, autonomy vs command and control. So yesterday as my young friends would say. It…
Gonski’s report on school funding has been backed by a senate committee even though the federal government isn’t backing it. AAP

Senate committee backs Gonski

With very limited media attention, the Australian public could be excused for not even knowing about the Senate Select Committee that handed down its report on equity and excellence in Australian schools…
Adding up the costs of a free education. Greg Westfall

Free education in Kenya is a failed promise

During the run up to Kenya’s 2002 general elections, presidential candidate Mwai Kibaki promised to make primary education free for all Kenyans. True to his word, when his coalition won the election and…
Gonski isn’t everything and we need to refocus the debate back to equity. School image from

Curriculum, equity and resources: how we got lost in the Gonski debate

It’s been a big week for education. Amidst all the confusion and politics on school funding of the last week there have been a couple of repeated mantras by the federal education minister – namely that…
The Gonski money is back with an extra boost for some states that have signed up. But schools need to look for simpler solutions. AAP

Pyne finds extra Gonski money, but how should it be spent?

During the Cold War, both the Soviets and the Americans were trying to develop a way to write in space. American entrepreneurs spent an unknown sum developing a “space pen”, while the Soviets initially…
The government still needs to address the underlying problems that the Gonski reforms sought to address. AAP Image/Dan Peled

Back to the drawing board on Gonski: no logic in abandoning school reforms

Education minister Christopher Pyne says it’s necessary to go “back to the drawing board” on schools funding and abandon the previous government’s funding reforms – commonly known as the Gonski model…
The Coalition government’s deal with the states over schools funding should not be broken so easily. AAP Image/Tim Dornin

Legally binding or not? Why breaking the Gonski funding deals matters

Education minister Christopher Pyne has announced the new government will dump the agreements with the states on the Gonski school funding reforms, negotiated by the former Labor government. Pyne has said…

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