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No smell, no touch: People line up in Prague, Czech Republic, to get tested for the coronavirus. Getty/Gabriel Kuchta

Welcome to your sensory revolution, thanks to the pandemic

All of the senses have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, not because the senses have changed, but because the world has, writes a sensory historian.
Could your brain be anticipating what’s there before you even turn your eyes? Joe Fakih Gomez Photography

Out of sight, but still in mind: the mysteries of peripheral vision

As you read this article your eyes will move so the words fall on the central part of your vision. This region is called the fovea and it has excellent resolution when compared to your peripheral vision…
Why do the legs of galloping horses appear as a blur? Eadweard Muybridge, 1878

Hold your horses – news just in on the speed of sight

What’s the fastest thing you can see? Events that play out over a scale of minutes or seconds are easy to see. Events at much smaller timescales — milliseconds and shorter — can be entirely invisible to…

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