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What if a new competitive sport came along where physiological differences were virtually irrelevant to contest outcomes? goInternationalgroup/Flickr

Gender segregation in e-sports is indefensible – and yet …

You likely couldn’t outswim Alicia Coutts or Ian Thorpe, or lift half of what Damon Kelly or Seen Lee can, but I bet you could beat them at a videogame. Welcome to e-sports, the future of competitions…
Sport is often compared with religion in Australia. But how do fans’ relationships with their football teams manifest? AAP/Joe Castro

More than a game: how attached are we to our teams?

At some point, you’ve no doubt heard someone say “football is my religion”. And if we follow French sociologist Emile Durkheim’s famous building blocks for religion, we will find that football is not far…
Putin leads Russia by sporting example. Borodun

Success at Sochi will restore pride to Russia’s self-image

The image of a bare-chested president Vladimir Putin sitting astride his horse or speeding down ski slopes is by now a familiar one. Not since Vladimir Ilyich Lenin himself has Russia had such a sports…
International protests against Russia’s anti-gay laws are the latest in a long history of attempts to boycott international sporting events. EPA/Gideon Markowicz

Mixing politics and play: Russian protests and sporting boycotts

The mantra that “sport and politics don’t mix” was always false and misleading, but in the age of Twitter it’s absurd. Calling for boycotts of high-profile sporting events is an established political tactic…
Is sport the last remaining institution of faith in Australian society? Sascha Wenninger

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi: why do we love sport so much?

Australians have a remarkable affection for their sport, an affection which has endured for well over 150 years. They love the sports they play but, even more so, they love the sports they watch – both…

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