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Simply standing in front of a class and telling children how we are used to doing things ‘just won’t work’, according to leading American education expert Linda Darling-Hammond. AAP/Dan Peled

In Conversation: Maxine McKew and Linda Darling-Hammond

Watch the video of Maxine McKew interviewing Stanford professor Linda Darling-Hammond below. Australian schoolkids are scoring higher than their US counterparts in maths, science and literacy, but a visiting…
Australia aims to be ranked among the top five countries in the world by 2025 for student performance in reading, science and maths literacy. AAP Image/Dan Peled

Pay teachers according to expertise: report

Governments should invest in postgraduate school teacher education and primary-level specialist teachers in maths and science…
New tests could be in store for trainee teachers to demonstrate their emotional intelligence. Emotions image from

Do we need emotional intelligence tests for teachers?

With the newly announced federal government reforms to teacher training announced this week, emotional intelligence is now firmly on the agenda for trainee teachers. Under the proposed rules, prospective…

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