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Higher education got the most attention it’s had in decades, thanks to the proposed shake up by this man. AAP

2014, the year that was: Education

While 2013 was all about schools and their funding (remember Gonski, anyone?), 2014 was the year of higher education reform. Or, at least, proposed higher education “reform”. With cuts to higher education…
Yeah – we’re stoked. stoofstraat

2013, the year that was: Arts + Culture

It’s not been a long year for arts and culture – at least, not on The Conversation. We launched the section on October 28, sneaking in at the end of festival season like someone who sneaks in at the end…
Time goes marching on, and we all get more jaded and cynical. I mean: hooray! CyberCraft Robots

2011, the year that was: Science & Technology

And so in March we pushed the button and away we went. Back then the big stories were: Artificial intelligence, what with Watson, IBM’s supercomputer, taking on challengers in the US TV show Jeapordy…

2011, the year that was: Energy & Environment

2011 was the year everyone suddenly developed an opinion on the environment, because all of a sudden the environment was out to take their air-conditioner, their TV, their right to a comfortable suburban…