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A family at the Black Lives Matter children’s march in Haringey, London. Lorna Roberts/Shutterstock

How racism complicates Black parenting

Black parents cannot afford for their children to break or even bend certain rules.

Most young people who do VET after school are in full-time work by the age of 25

There are five transitions young people aged 16-25 make between school and employment. Most involve some vocational education and training. Some involve university and others no education at all.

Young people were already struggling before the pandemic. Here are 7 ways to help them navigate a changed world

Children are among those most at risk from the indirect effects of coronavirus. It is time we prioritised the well-being of young people as a nation-building commitment.

Young people are anxious about coronavirus. Political leaders need to talk with them, not at them

New research shows that, contrary to popular belief, young people are anxious about the impact of coronavirus on their own lives and on their communities.
Young people stand on the steps of the Alberta legislature during the climate strike in Edmonton in 2019. Youth are often seen as problems rather than as people who are creating solutions. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Amber Bracken

What we don’t understand about young people’s motivations

Young people are often seen as lacking but research shows they're motivated by their concern for future generations.

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