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Politics podcast: Karen Middleton on Albanese – Telling It Straight

Politics podcast: Karen Middleton on Albanese – Telling It Straight.

This week, political reporter Karen Middleton is releasing a book about the life and career of Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese. At its heart is a deeply personal story of Albanese’s absent father.

As a boy, Albanese believed his father had died in a car accident shortly after his parent’s marriage. But at the age of 14 his mother told him the truth.

Middleton tells Michelle Grattan she came to know Albanese’s story over the years “sort of by accident”. “He had told a few people but not very many and he had kept this story about his father and his personal life very tightly,” she says.

Maryanne Ellery (Anthony Albanese’s mother) on the right with her brother and friends in a cruise ship dining room. Carlo Albanese is standing on the left. Albanese family, Author provided

Music credit: “Roll On” by Ketsa, Free Music Archive.

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