Politics podcast: Michaelia Cash on the government’s push to restore the ABCC

Michaelia Cash.

As the government turns up the heat over its push to restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), Employment Minister Michaelia Cash has revealed she is willing to agree to senator David Leyonhjelm’s call for a sunset clause in the legislation.

“David has raised that with me and … yes, I would accept an eight-year sunset clause,” she said. She said in that time the ABCC would demonstrably prove its worth in curbing lawlessness in the construction industry, and improve productivity.

In the aftermath of the trade union royal commission, Cash talks about a restored ABCC’s powers, proposed revamped registered organisations legislation and double-dissolution triggers.

Cash, also minister for women, outlines plans for promoting gender equality in the public service, and calls on the Liberal Party across Australia to undertake “audits” on female participation.

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