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Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, University of Dundee

I am a lecturer (teaching and scholarship) in International Relations specialising in UN Peacekeeping; the Politics of the United Nations; Middle East Politics; Refugee Issues and Humanitarian Responses. I studied Public Policy and Diplomacy in The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia and has a PhD in International Relations from the University of Dundee.

My Research and Scholarship Interests include:

1. Issues of International Peacekeeping and the Politics of the United Nations: that covers things like self-determination politics in Kashmir, East Timor and Kosovo - especially, UN’s peacekeeping and peacemaking role there.

2. Refugee Issues, Forced Displacement and Humanitarian Responses.

3. I am also interested in broader Middle East Politics; ‘War on Terror’; Radical Islamic movements; Religion and International Relations.

4. My recent research interest also includes - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education; Internationalisation and Business Development in Higher Education.

Published Work as a Teaching and Scholarship Academic:

Yusuf, A. (2003), A roller coaster ride: UN peacemaking, peacekeeping, and peace-building in East Timor, University of Dundee, Politics department, Monograph series, ISBN: 1874655197.

Yusuf, A. (2013), ‘Right to self-determination in East Timor: United Nations Success Story’, The Chittagong University Journal of Law, Vol. XVIII, 2013 (pp.130 -153).

Yusuf, A. & Garvey, E. (2014), ‘The Responsibility to Protect in Syria: Is there a place for regime change?’, Scottish Global Forum Research.

Yusuf, A. & Riedel, H. (2017), ‘Mission lmpossible: A Critical Assessment of the UN Administration in Kosovo’, The Chittagong University Journal of Law, Chittagong University Journal of Law, Vol. XXII. (print version only).

Yusuf, A. Merrttt, T, & Royce, J. (2017) ‘President Trump’s Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia: Business as Usual’, The Cable, 1 July Issue.

Yusuf, A. & Goff, O. (2017) ‘The hardening face of Islam in South Asia, and why it matters to the UK, The Cable, 1 September Issue.

Yusuf, A. (2017) ‘The Partition’ The Cable, 1 September Issue.

Yusuf, A. Merrttt, T, & Royce, J. (2017) ‘Trump’s ‘new’ Afghanistan Policy: a critique" in Cable International affairs Magazine’, The Cable, 1 October Issue.

Yusuf, A. Royce, J. & Mccluskey, C. (2018) ‘Iraq’s six-year anniversary: a reflection’, The Cable, 1 January Issue.

Yusuf, A. & Mccluskey, C. (2018) ‘Bashar al-Assad: The Accidental Autocrat, The Cable, April Issue.

Yusuf, A., Khan, A. & Dempsey, R. (2018) 'Will Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Imran Khan deliver a 'new' Pakistan?'periferias 2 | democracy and periphery.

Articles Published in The Conversation:

‘As Syrian conflict enters its seventh year, Assad’s future is the sticking point, The Conversation, March 2017.

‘Myanmar’s Rohingyas: victims of a democracy still under military sway’, The Conversation, September 2017.

'Rohingya crisis: a year since it shocked the world, what’s changed?', The Conversation, August 2018.

'Tehreek-e-Labbaik: how blasphemy case in Pakistan brought down hardline religious party', The Conversation, July 2019.

'Saddam Hussein: how a deadly purge of opponents set up his ruthless dictatorship', The Conversation, July 2019.

'Citizens of nowhere: one million Rohingya still without rights, status or justice', The Conversation, August 2019.

‘Kashmir: how Modi’s aggressive ‘Hindutva’ project has brought India and Pakistan to the brink – again’, The Conversation, September 2019.

'Myanmar’s election, the Rohingya crisis and the road to democracy', The Conversation, August 2020.


  • 2012–present
    Lecturer, University of Dundee