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Senior Research Associate, Nanoelectronics Group, UNSW

AM Burke received his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 2009 from Arizona State University for his studies using Scanning Gate Microscopy (SGM) to probe robust quantum states within Indium Arsenide (InAs) open quantum dots.

Adam joined the School of Physics the same year working with Associate Professor Adam Micolich.

His research interests include:

Improving gate stability in electrostatically gated modulation doped p-type GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures; Low temperature ballistic focusing in high mobility electron and hole heterostructures with specific interest in spin splitting; Electronic devices based on self assembled nanowire structures


  • 2009–present
    Senior Research Associate, Nanoelectronics Group, University of New South Wales


  • 2009 
    Arizona State University, PhD/Electrical Engineering