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Reader, Department of Physics, University of Bath

I work in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, encompassing interdisciplinary research spanning from the fundamental, through translation, to real-world applications. More specifically, my work focuses on functional nanomaterials with designed behaviour at the atomic / nano-scale. My group studies and engineers the physical / quantum properties of topical nano-materials (currently graphene and related novel 2D materials, as well as 2D molecular networks) at and from the nanoscale to induce new functionality at the macro-scale. Applications include disruptive, novel IT technologies (e.g. “smart” nano-electronic systems and spintronics) and hybrid bio-inorganic interfaces and systems for biosensing and biomedicine.

My group has extensive facilities for atomically-resolved scanning probe microscopy – both scanning tunnelling microscopy and atomic force microscopy – in ultra-high vacuum and at cryogenic temperatures, and for material fabrication via chemical vapour deposition.

Recent research projects have been funded by the EPSRC, MRC, Sir Halley Stewart Foundation and the University of Bath Department of Development and Alumni Relations. We have research collaborations with the departments of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, Chemistry and Biology & Biochemistry at Bath, and with leading international research institutes and groups specializing in scanning probe techniques and nanoscience.


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    Reader, Department of Physics, University of Bath