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Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Adrian Treves is an independent researcher and advocate for future generations, for science, and for the sovereign authority of the public. He studies and speaks about the public trust doctrine and intergenerational equity around the world. In brief, the public trust doctrine is legal guidance that holds governments accountable to the broad public interest in preserving nature and regulating its use as a trust for current and future generations, who hold equal rights. Adrian earned his PhD at Harvard University in 1997 and is now a Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and founder of the Carnivore Coexistence Lab. For the past 27 years, his research focuses on ecology, law, and human dimensions of ecosystems in which crop and livestock ownership overlaps the habitat of large carnivores from coyotes up to grizzly bears. He has authored >150 scientific papers on predator-prey ecology or conservation.


  • 2007–2018
    Professor of Environmental Studies, Unievrsity of Wisconsin-Madison