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Alejandra Perotti

Associate Professor in Invertebrate Biology, University of Reading

My research looks at ectoparasitic lice and mites of primates: using Pediculus lice as proxies of hosts' evolution. I also research ancient DNA of ectoparasites (lice and mites), and their extinct hosts. I am interested in mites of medical and veterinary importance, whole organism biology and evolution as well as forensic acarology: the utility of mites (Acari) in forensic investigations, crime case reports and research. My research also covers mites of economic importance, genetics, whole organism biology; biology of interactions (e.g. predation, phoresy) between mites with other arthropods (e.g. Bumblebees) and with bacteria (e.g. symbiosis, Wolbachia).
Sex ratio distorters (e.g. Rickettsia, Wolbachia) and their asexual arthropod hosts.


  • 2017–present
    Associate Professor in Invertebrate Biology, School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading