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Alessandro Fisogni

Post-doc, programme de recherche régional Climibio, laboratoire EEP, Université de Lille

I am an ecologist doing a post-doc at the University of Lille - Sciences et technologies, France. During my academic career I worked on plant-pollinator interactions, plant reproductive biology and ecology, and plant populations dynamics. I did my Ph-D in Bologna, Italy, where I also worked in the European funded LIFE+ Project PP-ICON, focused on the integrated conservation of a rare protected plant and the community of its pollinators. My current research includes the study of plant-pollinator networks and pollinator communities along an urbanization gradient, within the Projet CPER - CLIMIBIO.


  • –present
    Docteur en systématique (taxonomie), biologie évolutive et botanique, ingénieur, Université de Lille 1 – Université de Lille