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Investigadora del Grup d'Anàlisi Quantitativa Regional (AQR), Universitat de Barcelona

Relevant Outputs:

Matano, A.; Naticchioni, P. (2017). The Extent of Rent Sharing along the Wage Distribution. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 5(4), 751-777.
Matano, A.; Naticchioni, P. (2015). What Drives the Urban Wage Premium? Evidence along the Wage Distribution. Journal of Regional Science, 56(2), 191-206.

Matano, A.; Naticchioni P. (2013). Rent Sharing as a Driver of the Glass ceiling Effect. Economic Letters, 118 (1), 55-59.

Matano, A.; Naticchioni, P. (2012). Wage Distribution and the Spatial Sorting of Workers. Journal of Economic Geography, 12 (2), 379-408.

Lines of Research:

Labour Economics
Wage Inequality
Spatial Economics
International Trade