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Alexander Albury

PhD Candidate, Psychology, Concordia University

I'm a PhD Candidate in the Psychology Department at Concordia University working in the Penhune Laboratory for Motor Learning and Neural Plasticity. I also hold degrees in psychology and social sciences from The University of The Bahamas and The University of Chicago.

I study the relationship between reward and predictability in music and the effect of this relationship on motor learning. My research focuses on how our exposure to music and our expectations change how we experience music and how we learn an instrument. I'm broadly interested in music and language cognition and the similarities between these two domains. I'm also interested in using data science and machine learning to gain practical insights from data.


  • 2019–present
    PhD Candidate, Concordia University
  • 2021–2021
    Intern, National Research Council Canada


  • 2017 
    The University of Chicago, MA Social Sciences
  • 2016 
    The University of The Bahamas, BA Psychology

Grants and Contracts

  • 2020
    CREATE Complex Dynamics of Brain & Behaviour
    Funding Source:
    Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Professional Memberships

  • Centre for Research on Brain, Language and Music
  • Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology
  • Brams - International Laboratory for Brain, Music, and Sound Research