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Alexander L. Hayes

Ph.D. Student in Health Informatics, Indiana University

Alexander L. Hayes is a Health Informatics Ph.D. Student working with Professor Kay Connelly and the ProHealth Informatics Group on the Precision Health Initiative at Indiana University Bloomington. His interests are in statistical relational artificial intelligence (STARAI), machine learning, software engineering, open source software; and their applications toward solving real-world health informatics problems. He holds a B.S. Computer Science from Indiana University and continues to collaborate with Professor Sriraam Natarajan and his colleagues from the StARLinG Lab at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Alexander is currently working in secondary analysis the nuMoM2b (new-mom-2-be) data set, where one aim is to determine early warning signs for gestational diabetes. Additional information about this project is included in the nuMoM2b preprocessing documentation.