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Alexandre Gareau

Postdoctoral research fellow in educational psychology, Faculty of educational sciences, Université Laval

I have completed my PhD. in 2018 at the University of Ottawa in social psychology. I used self-determination theory and dual-process theories to explore the idea that for truly knowing how much one's motivation is internalized into the self, we should combine self-report (explicit) and reaction-time based measures(implicit). This research led me to explore the intricate association between motivation and achievement in the educational domain. Following I went to Laval University to pursue a Postdoctoral Fellowship. At Laval University, I expanded my research interest to educational psychology, by specifically investigating the role of motivation on mental health. My research program is now focus on understanding how students in higher education can strive while maintaining a balanced between their achievement goal and their mental health.


  • 2018–2020
    Postdoctoral fellow, Laval University


  • 2018 
    University of Ottawa, Ph.D. in social psychology