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Alexandros Nikas

Dr Alexandros is an Electrical and Computer Engineer of the National Technical University of Athens. He holds an MSc in techno-economic systems and a PhD in climate change policy support through integrative approaches, based on stakeholder engagement, operational research, and climate-economy modelling. He has longstanding experience in developing and utilising systems for supporting decision making with a focus on climate and energy policymaking. These include energy-economic and integrated assessment models, multi-criteria group decision analysis, systems of innovation frameworks, quasi-quantitative modelling, and portfolio theory. Alexandros has experience in carrying out co-creation activities with a view to maximising societal ownership and policy relevance of scientific processes and evidence; as well as in climate-economy and energy-system modelling frameworks for climate change mitigation policy assessments. He has worked on, managed, and scientifically coordinated many European (Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe) as well as nationally co-funded projects in the fields of energy policy and climate action and has more than 60 scientific publications in high-impact international journals and books, as well as dozens of announcements in national and international conferences.