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Alicia Armentia Medina

Catedrática de Alergia. Departamento de Medicina. Jefe de S. de Alergia del Hospital Universitario Río Hortega., Universidad de Valladolid

I am a medical specialist in Allergy and Clinical immunology. From 1990 to date I hold a full time position as Area Specialist in the Allergy Department at University Hospital Rio Hortega.
Since January 2004 the Allergy Department of Hospital Rio Hortega is also Allergy Pediatric Department.
Hospital Rio Hortega belongs to the Spanish State Health System, working also as University hospital where medical education constitutes an important part of the staffs’ daily activities.

Degree in Medicine by Valladolid Medical School in 01-10-1976
Doctoral these in University of Valladolid 04-10-1986
Specialist in Allergy: 11-06-1987
Accreditation in Paediatric Allergy by Asociación Española de Pediatría 27-03-2001
Clinical Professor, Valladolid University (Faculty of Medicine) since 1991.

Alicia Armentia MD (1976), PhD (1986)
1991 – 1998: Associated Professor (Faculty of Medicine)
1990: Secretary of Clinical Trials Ethical Committee (Hospital Rio Hortega)
1996: Asthma Experts Committee of the Spanish Society of Allergy (SEA)
1997: Venom Allergy Experts Committee
1995: American Academy member
1995: European Academy member
1999: Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery
2000: Member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Society of Allergy
2001: Member of the Spanish Society of Pediatrician Allergy
2005: Member of National Commission of Allergy Specialty
2008: President Allergist Community Castille-León.
2011: Clinical Professor Immunopathology (Faculty of Medicine)
2013: Academic from Royal Academy of Medicine & Surgery.
2018: Medicine Professor (Catedrático)

1991-1998: Associated Professor (Faculty of Medicine Valladolid)
1991-1998. Tutor of fellow in Allergy Hospital Rio Hortega
1998: Continuing Medical Education ACCME. Washington University
1991-2006: Tutor of Paediatrics fellows during rotation by Allergy Department
1994-2005: Continuing Medical Education for General practitioners. University of Valladolid
1997-2004: Continuing Medical Education in Respiratory Allergy. Hospital Rio Hortega Valladolid
2005: Member of National Commission of Allergy Specialty
2011: Clinical Professor Faculty (Internal Medicine Department).
2013: Cathedra accreditation.
2018: MD, PhD. Medicine Professor

I have directed 19 PhD thesis and 24 investigation projects, two internationals.
I have obtained 2 international and 18 national investigation awards. Best in Class award 2015: the best Allergy Department in Spain.
WOS data: H index web of knowledge: 29, 165 publications, 2636 cited (Scopus)
2 national and international patent.


  • –present
    Catedrático de la Universidad de Valladolid. Alergia. Departamento de Medicina. Jefe de S. de Alergia del Hospital Universitario Río Hortega. Valladolid., Universidad de Valladolid


  • 1982 
    Universidad de Valladolid, Doctor en Medicina, Catedrático de Alergia