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Adjunct Researcher, CQUniversity Australia

I have more than 10 years as a dive professional in the marine tourism sector in Queensland including Keppel Bay, Mission Beach and the Whitsundays. Following my tourism work I upgraded a BSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry from James Cook University to a PhD in coral ecology at CQUniversity with co-supervision at AIMS Townsville. Among other things I now run a marine logistics company based in Rockhampton which is currently engaged in developing a live stream internet underwater video camera in Keppel Bay in conjunction with Reefcam US and Teens4oceans. I have specific skills in coral identification, benthic community mapping, statistical analysis of marine community assemblages, coral physiological measurements, molecular methods of coral and associated unicellular algae taxonomic identification and population structure and connectivity using microsatellite markers. I have previously advised government agencies on the values of coral communities in the southern GBR for a State Significant Project and for CITES coral export approval. I have assessed coral damage for a ship grounding in Micronesia. I have specialised skills in the use of low elevation aerial photography and solar, wired and wireless communications for underwater monitoring and have published on the use of marine resource mapping as an aid to Australia-Pacific maritime security. My community work includes community engagement in coral reef monitoring and marine debris.


  • 2009–2012
    Post doctoral researcher, Central Queensland University
  • 2009–2010
    Coordinator, Capricorn Conservation Council
  • 1995–2008
    Dive instructor, Keppel Reef Scuba Adventures
  • 2001–2003
    Snorkel guide, Fantasea Cruises
  • 2000–2000
    Receptionist, Hayman Island Resort


  • 2013 
    CQ TAFE, Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment
  • 2009 
    Central Queensland University, PhD
  • 1984 
    QUT, PG Dip Teach (Secondary) Science
  • 1983 
    James Cook University, BSc


  • 2014
    Flood Impacts in Keppel Bay, Southern Great Barrier Reef in the Aftermath of Cyclonic Rainfall, PLoS ONE
  • 2012
    The photokinetics of thermo-tolerance in Symbiodinium, Marine Ecology
  • 2012
    The influence of a season of extreme wet weather events on exposure of the World Heritage Area Great Barrier Reef to pesticides, Marine Pollution Bulletin
  • 2012
    Salinity thresholds of Acropora spp. on the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Reefs
  • 2011
    Tool use in the tuskfish Choerodon schoenleinii?, Coral Reefs
  • 2011
    Tradeoffs to thermal acclimation: Energetics and reproduction of a reef coral with heat tolerant Symbiodinium type-D, Journal of Marine Biology
  • 2011
    Raiding the Coral Nurseries?, Diversity
  • 2010
    Potential costs of acclimatization to a warmer climate: Growth of a reef coral with heat tolerant vs. sensitive symbiont types, PLoS ONE
  • 2008
    A 3D modeling method to calculate the surface areas of coral branches, Coral Reefs
  • 2008
    A community change in the symbionts of a scleractinian coral following a natural bleaching event: field evidence of acclimatization, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences (1934-1990)
  • 2008
    Losing ‘nemo’: bleaching and collection impacts inshore populations of anemonefish and their hosts the sea anemones, Journal of Fish Biology

Grants and Contracts

  • 2010
    Research Advancement Award
    Lead investigator
    Funding Source:
    Australian Naval Institute