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Associate Professor, Nerve-Gut Research Laboratory, University of Adelaide

A/Prof. Amanda Page has pursued a full-time research career, over the last 19 years, in Adelaide, Australia. She is currently chief investigator (CIA) on two NH&MRC grants and has been chief investigator on 4 other NH&MRC grants. She was the first to establish concrete evidence for the existence of several distinct sub-classes of gastro-oesophageal vagal afferent. After establishing the physiological properties of these afferents she proceeded to investigate the role of g-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) in modulating afferent activity. One of her major findings, that GABAB receptor agonists inhibit peripheral gastro-oesophageal vagal afferent endings, has resulted in clinical trials of GABAB receptor agonists for the treatment of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and GPCR sensory modulation is now a major clinical target for many diseases. She has extended this research to investigate peptidergic modulation of sensory function which has ultimately led to an interest in modulation of gastro-intestinal vagal afferent satiety signals. To accomplish this research she has recruited outstanding individuals with a range of varied but highly complementary skills and thus now has the capabilities to perform research ranging from the molecular level to whole physiological systems and the added ability to translate this research to human physiology. She leads a group of investigators within a very multidisciplinary laboratory.


  • –present
    Associate Professor, Nerve-Gut Research Laboratory, University of Adelaide


  • 1994 
    University College London, UK, PhD
  • 1989 
    Liverpool University, BSc Hons in Pharmacology