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Anders Götherström

Professor in Molecular Archaeology, Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Stockholm University

I have my background in scientific archaeology and did my Ph.D. at the Archaeological Research Laboratory at Stockholm University in the 90ies. And although I do have some early experience from archaeological excavations and field work, I was always conducting my archaeology in the laboratory, with genetics. Through out my career I have worked at Uppsala University and Universidad Complutense de Madrid after i concluded my Ph.D. and before I came back to Stockholm University.

My research has mainly focused on prehistoric humans and what we can learn about them and their lives with the help of archaeogenetic. And when the focus has not been humans, it has been methodological, or on issues relating to humans (such as domesticates). Studies I have had an important role in, that elevates themselves a bit over most of what I have done, was the 2nd Neandertal sequence from the Mezmaiskaya baby in 2000, the characterization of the geneflow during the Neolithization (2012), the sex identification of a female woarrior from Birka (2017), and the Troglonterii DNA that proved to be older than 1 million years (2021).


  • –present
    Professor in Evolutionary Genomics, Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Stockholm University