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Postdoctoral researcher, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin

Dr. Andréas Jannel is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Museum fur Naturkunde in Berlin, Germany. He completed is Master degrees in both France and Sweden and his PhD at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

Andréas is fascinated by digital paleontology and biomechanics, including traditional and computational methods that allow us to investigate extinct and living organisms. He is interested in ways of developing new methods, particularly computational
approaches, to better understand and quantify the morphofunctional capabilities of the vertebrate and invertebrate system in order to provide new biomechanical, evolutionary and paleobiological insights on extinct and living organisms. Through his career, Andréas studied a wide variety of extinct and extant animals, including dinosaurs, as well as a wide diversity of trace fossils.

Together with research, Andréas is also very enthusiastic in communicating scientific knowledge to the general audience and within the academic world.


  • 2021–2022
    Postdoctoral Researcher, Museum fur Naturkunde
  • 2015–2020
    PhD candidate, The University of Queensland