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Andrew B. Wootton

Director, Design Against Crime Solution Centre, University of Salford

Andrew B. Wootton is Director of the Design Against Crime Solution Centre and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Salford.

Andrew is a qualified Industrial Designer with nearly two decades experience in design research. Over the past 15 years he has delivered multiple UK and European-funded projects on Socially Responsible Design (SRD) and design-led crime prevention.

Andrew has published academic articles, book chapters and design guidelines on the role of design within crime prevention, and the use of holistic, human-centred ‘design thinking’ to address problems relating to quality of life. He has delivered workshops on Design Against Crime and socially responsible design across Europe, and presented at international conferences and events.

Recent research projects include: SecurePART; Planning Urban Security (PLuS)—an EU-funded project led by the Landeskriminalamt Niedersachsen; City Centre Crime; National Police Crime Prevention Service (NPCPS); and Youth Design Against Crime (YDAC)— a programme to engage disadvantaged young people in crime prevention. Andrew was co-author of the EPSRC-funded Sustainable Urban Environments project, VivaCity 2020.

Andrew’s work remains fundamentally concerned with the value of human-centred design. His research interests are interdisciplinary, and include:
– Designamics—the integration of rigorous social science with dynamic, human-centred design thinking, research and practice to reframe problems and tackle complex societal challenges
– Socially responsible design—the use of design to address social issues and benefit society (
– Creativity and innovation in design and new product development (NPD) processes.

Andrew is the official UK delegate to EU COST Action TU1203 Crime Prevention Though Urban Design and Planning (2013–16).

Andrew is also founder of creative design consultancy DesignThinking (


  • 2007–present
    Senior Research Fellow, University of Salford
  • –present
    Director, Design Against Crime Solution Centre
  • 2000–2007
    Research Fellow, University of Salford
  • 1998–2000
    Managing Director, Prometheus Knowledge Technology
  • 1995–1998
    Research Assistant, University of Salford


  • 1995 
    Manchester Metropolitan University, MA Industrial Design
  • 1991 
    Manchester Polytechnic, BA Industrial Design