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Lecturer in Bacteriophage Bioinformatics, University of Leicester

I am a lecturer in bacteriophage bioinformatics. I studied at the University of Plymouth, gaining a degree in Micro & Cell Biology, before moving to the University of Warwick. At Warwick, I completed a PhD in “The molecular biology of Marine Cyanophages”, where I led the genome sequencing of the marine cyanophage S-PM2. Following my PhD, I did post-docs with Profs N. Mann & D. Scanlan in the area of marine microbiology. In 2013 I moved from the School of Life Sciences to Warwick Medical school, to take up a position as a senior research fellow and set up my own group, in the newly formed Microbiology and Infection Unit. Here I set up the server infrastructure for the high-throughput analysis of bacterial genomes. In 2017 I moved to Leicester to take up a position as a lecturer in bacteriophage bioinformatics.

Throughout my career, my research has focused on the interaction of bacteriophage with their bacterial hosts. My current research focuses on bacteriophages across a range of systems and the provision of bioinformatics tools.