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Research Associate of Physics and Astronomy, UCL

I do observations of exoplanetary systems, data analysis, data simulations, photometry, spectroscopy, exoplanets characterisation, modelling of light-curves from exoplanetary systems, developing user-friendly scientific tools. I am a member of the UCL ExoAI group, which focuses on developing and implementing artificial intelligence data analysis and modelling solutions in the characterisation of extrasolar planets.

I also work on ARIEL(Atmospheric Remote-sensing Exoplanet Large-survey) which is the next M4 mission by the European Space Agency (ESA), due for launch in 2028. The goal of the ARIEL mission is to investigate the atmospheres of several hundreds planets orbiting distant stars in order to address the fundamental questions on how planetary systems form and evolve.


  • –present
    Research Associate of Physics and Astronomy, UCL