Anthony Richardson

Research Fellow, Future Social Service Institute, RMIT University

I work as a Research Fellow for FSSI (the Future Social Service Institute), looking at questions around technology, gender and the future of work. In the past I have taught social and political theory, political economy, sustainability, public policy and social innovation at RMIT.

My personal research interests include:

- complex systems theory and the work of Joseph Tainter - the analysis of cities as complex adaptive systems (CAS) and the implications for urban resilience

- the implications of far-from-equilibrium thermodynamics and energy depletion (ie Peak Oil) for complex urban systems

- more generally, the 'philosophy of science' implications of systems theory and complexity and their interaction with social constructionist approaches to society

- science fiction and gaming culture, with a particular focus on the topic of social collapse


  • 2018–present
    Research Fellow, Future Social Service Institute
  • 2015–2017
    Postgraduate Course Coordinator, School of Global, Social and Social Studies, RMIT University


  • 2016 
    RMIT University, PhD